NAKANIMAMASAKHLISI is a duo of creative photographers from Georgia, Mariam Nakani and Giorgi Mamasakhlisi, collaborating since 2004. 
Mariam Nakani and Giorgi Mamasakhlisi - the creative duo behind NAKANIMAMASAKHLISI have been crafting a story of passion, collaboration, and artistic exploration in both their work and romantic lives for over two decades. 
Shaped by her architect grandfather's gift of a camera, started a journey of visual storytelling in her early 20s. Originally interested in diverse artistic pursuits such as ballet and sculpting, Mariam found her major passion in communication through photography. 
Her lens captures people and their emotions, be it in advertising campaigns or intimate portraits, creating a safe space for her models - either professionals or ordinary people - to be their real, authentic selves.
Her passion for fashion photography goes beyond the clothes & material. Mariam loves constructing creative sets for fashion shoots, adding conceptual and artistic dimensions to each project.
She was a pioneer in commercial shooting in Georgia, creating massive campaigns for leading brands in the early 2000s. Her work decorated the very first billboards in Tbilisi, Georgia. 
As a lecturer, she uses dynamic and innovative educational strategies, upgrading the learning experience for her students.
Beyond that, Mariam is a TEDx speaker, winner of the Behance award, and a co-founder of a photo school with Giorgi. Mariam has been featured in the Forbes Georgia editorial as well. 
The technical anchor in this creative duo inherits a photographic legacy from his father, who founded Georgia's first photography faculty in 1969 at Tbilisi State University. Initially hesitant about photography and obsessed with being a camera-man, Giorgi found inspiration in creating an overall visual narrative, believing that "lightning is lightning and a frame is a frame," no matter if it’s a motion picture or a still photograph.
Beyond the streets, Giorgi is passionate about uncovering the geometric forms in architecture, whether interior or exterior. Furthermore, his expertise shines in capturing the play of lights and shadows in his photographs. With a spot-on technical skill set, some of his specialties are photographing street scenes, architectural marvels, and portraits.
He not only explores the movement of objects but also the geometric and symmetrical charisma of nature. Beyond street scenes, Giorgi's passion extends to architectural wonders, both interior and exterior, and the complexities of design and structure.
Mariam and Giorgi, both jointly and independently, have worked on numerous photo projects as his technical expertise complements her artistic vision perfectly.
Beyond their artistic pursuits, Mariam and Giorgi share a deep personal connection, having been partners for around 20 years. This enduring partnership extends to a shared photo school, a testament to their leadership, cooperation, and commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences.

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