Home outside and home inside
Our goal was to show to the outside what happens inside.
People behave differently outside than they do at home.
It's the same with buildings, blocks that stand there, showing different faces - there's light in the windows, but we don't know what's in them.
Facade is like a mask.
And all the mystery is inside.
Just like subconscious.
I always wanted to know what's inside.
That's why I decided to show up at random doors and try to see who'd open.
Opening the door is a sacred act on its own.
Not everyone opens.
They look cautiously through the peephole and try to find out who's standing at the doorstep.
The border was the challenge I had to overcome.
"Who's there?" - they were asking from the inside.
It was me who wanted to know who was there.
Therefore the act was mutual.
Of the guest and the host.
We were strangers.
And stranger was the one who'd open the door spontaneously.
And who they are you can see now.
The medium through which they've come out is also important.
It's the camera, which opened there space, pulled off their mask and froze them forever in the "interior".
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